where to begin restructuring

In the early 80-ies of XX century, the Soviet Union was in a state of social, economic and political crisis.Before the company had the task of a comprehensive upgrade.The reason for the broader transformation began to come to a country government initiative and energetic team of reformers headed by which the young party leader MikhailGorbachev.

Mikhail Gorbachev believed that the socialist system is not exhausted all its potential.The new leader of the country seemed to be to restore the violated social and economics equilibrium is sufficient to make the acceleration of econo
mic development, to make society more open, to activate the so-called "human factor".It is for this reason that the state was declared a policy of accelerating, transparency and radical transformation of society.

reasons perestroika in the USSR

new leadership came to power at a difficult time for the country.Yet in the past decade in the Soviet Union fell sharply economic growth.The country's economy had already held a high world oil prices.Subsequently, however, the situation on the energy market has changed.Oil prices dropped sharply and other reserves growth from the Soviet Union were absent.

party leadership, which at that time was headed by LIBrezhnev could not decide on a fundamental restructuring of the economy, since it would be required to withdraw from the socialist principles: to prevent private property and to develop entrepreneurial initiative.This would inevitably lead to the replacement of the bourgeois socialist relations, which meant the collapse of the whole party-state system based on the concept of communist development.

The crisis was also the country's political system.Nursing party leadership did not enjoy credibility and trust of citizens.Party and state nomenklatura was inert and does not show initiative.The main criteria for the selection of candidates for senior positions to become the official ideology of commitment and loyalty to the authorities.Those who possess high professional qualities, could be fundamental in addressing important issues in the power of the road was closed.

Society on the eve of the restructuring is still under the influence of the dominant ideology.Television and radio excitedly talked about the successes in socialist construction and the benefits received in the Soviet way of life.However, citizens have seen that actually the economy and social sphere are in deep decline.In a society reigned brewing frustration and dull social protest.It was during this peak period of stagnation, MSGorbachev began his perestroika reforms, the result of which was the collapse of the Soviet Union and the socialist camp.