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Nazism - a worldview that underlies this form of social organization as National Socialism.One of the most iconic figures of the nationalist movement, no doubt, was Adolf Hitler.He described in detail the basic tenets of nationalism in his book "Mein Kampf", including anti-Semitism, the superiority of the Nordic race over all others (ie racism), the desire to solve the foreign policy objectives by military means (ie, militarism), the rejection of democratic,as well as any other political ideas (ie totalitarianism).According to the Fuhrer, race and nation - a whole, and therefore to talk about such nonsense as tolerance, freedom of choice and independence of thought with the Nazis better not to try.Features of any Nazi inclu
de worldview that combines extreme nationalism with racism exceptional;faith in the idea, called it your race / ethnic group / nationality chosen (and, therefore, the only dignified existence);approving attitude towards the totalitarian system of government.
Chauvinism - it is an ideology, which goes hand in hand with the Nazis.But if the Nazis concentrated on the superiority of one nation over another, chauvinism - at all surrounding insignificance compared with those or other nation or individual.In addition, chauvinism can be called a special case, sowing the seeds of Nazism in society: if you collect a few people who preach chauvinistic ideas, you get extremely nationalistic mood of the masses.There are several varieties of chauvinism: male chauvinism, female chauvinism, linguistic chauvinism, racial chauvinism (racism), religious chauvinism, etc.In other words, chauvinist defines the belief that the fact of belonging to a particular gender, nationality, race or, say, a musical subculture has the right to degrade others for their not belonging to one group or another.
Thus, Nazism - a worldview, chauvinism - it's an ideology.However, as can be seen, the roots of both phenomena are growing from a single source - intolerance, and with it the insecurity and dissatisfaction with their own lives with the desire to blame others for their failures, and fear to look at their own mistakes (not to mention the fact, to try tofix them).Each of the concepts is characterized by a high degree of intolerance of race, group, nation, etc.