Memberships WTO involves a balance of rights and obligations of all the countries participating in the agreement.Join this organization may be, any State or customs union under certain conditions.For example, members of the WTO are the EU as a whole and each member country has.
Before the start of negotiations on accession to the WTO State can become an observer at the organization.This step is optional.It is necessary that the government of the applicant countries to become better acquainted with the activities of the
organization and decided whether membership is beneficial to the state.
observer status granted for 5 years and gives the right to attend meetings of all WTO bodies , with the exception of the Committee on Budget, Finance and Administration.Observers may seek technical assistance from the Secretariat, and are required to pay fees for services rendered.
further the accession process can be divided into four etapa.1.The Government shall apply to the description of all aspects of trade and economic policy related to the field of activity of the WTO .The memorandum is considered by the working group, which makes the conclusion about the possibility of the applicant's admission to the organization.To participate in these groups can all Member States WTO .
2. Once the working group has made a preliminary conclusion begin bilateral negotiations between the Member States and the applicant.They relate to changes in tariff rates, market access and other problems in the sphere of goods and services.Negotiations can be a very lengthy and complex because they must prove to the benefit of all members of the adoption of the new state.
3. When the working group fully explored trading conditions of the applicant, and bilateral negotiations will be successfully completed, finalized the terms of accession.The group is preparing a final report, a draft agreement on the membership and the list of commitments of the new member of the organization.
4. The final package of documents consisting of the final report, the protocol and the list of commitments submitted to the WTO General Council or the Ministerial Conference.If the adoption of a new member voted not less than 2/3 of the member countries, the applicant may sign the protocol and to accede to the organization.However, in many countries need to ratify this decision by Parliament that it has entered into force.