murder of two women in Kazan would probably have remained quite ordinary crime if it were not for the inscription in defense Pussy Riot, the perpetrator left on the wall.Immediately after the first reports of the brutal murder of an elderly woman and her daughter the Internet exploded a lot of comments.Some of the opponents of the group Pussy Riot immediately tried to use the event for their own purposes, their messages were quite similar and were limited to one thought - "are here at Pussy Riot supporters, so the band members put quite deservedly."The more moderate opponents of the participating groups themselves have pointed out that the double murder and the writing on the wall is very similar to the provocation, so it is necessary to deal
with the situation.Supporters of Pussy Riot clearly stated that this is a provocation, and some even directly pointed out, who made it - in their opinion, it was just the Orthodox.

analyzing the details of the crime, thoughtful person will readily understand that the inscription Free Pussy Riot killed in the apartment did not fit in with the crime itself.If we assume that the crime actually committed supporter of the convicted member of the group, he gave them a very real disservice - we must be very stupid man not to understand the consequences of such a step.The offense would be understandable if those killed were a priest or official, but what's the pensioner and her daughter?That is why the investigation quickly rejected the political version of the murder, and start searching for the criminal environment among the dead women.

Soon the culprit was found, they were, according to investigators, was an acquaintance of the murdered women, the teacher Igor Danilevsky.The motive for the crime was a simple self-interest - the offender took the women's money and did not want to give.During a search of his apartment they found a mobile phone he killed women and an IOU for 100 thousand rubles.The inscription on the wall as he did in order to start up the investigation on the wrong track.But the attempt is already too awkward, so to deceive the investigating authorities failed to Danilevsky.

interest in this case is not the identity of the perpetrator and not even made them sign, and how she reacted to the online community.In a situation of dispute always takes the audience on a division of "ours" and "not ours."Regardless of who is and who is supported, it is clear that in this situation as the one and on the other hand there were many hot-heads willing to blame anyone and anything.Part of the Orthodox audience eagerly supported version of the ritual murder committed, of course, supporters of Pussy Riot.No less aggressive of the opponents was absolutely sure that this is a provocation Orthodox.As a result, both it and the others were wrong, but had to pour on each other more than a bucket of dirt.

It is possible that the case will still be some surprises - at last count, Igor Danilevsky renounced confessions.The lawyer told the teacher that his client is innocent, the evidence against him had been fabricated and confessions beaten out by force.The final point in this case, as usual, put the court.