State unites people living in its territory into one.They belong to a particular State is determined by the terms of citizenship (or nationality).It characterizes a stable political and legal relationship between the society and the state, defines their rights and obligations with respect to each other.
combined population in the state, irrespective of their nationality, religion, race.The government on the one hand brings people together to form a holistic territorial team - the country's population, and on the other - shared.The division of the population into small territorial groups is carried out in order to improve governance.Examples are the separation of provinces, districts and so forth.
The population formed human environment.There are added interpersonal, communication, family
, geopolitical relations.Ienamely the population serves as a medium for the formation of the primary interests of individuals, which is intended to protect the state.In many ways, the state depends on the state of the population, the level of its development.It creates the necessary conditions for its development.
The Company is managed by the system and acts as an object of government.There are three approaches in the description of relations between the state and society.According to one of them, the state is intended to control all social processes.Others, however, assumes that the public part in the living minimized.Finally, the third approach - the basis for the formation of democracy.According to him, each the subject of management - is both its object.
important qualitative characteristics of the population is the freedom of the individual.This belongs to the state is forced.This is the difference of the population as a sign of the state of the various unions on the principle of self-determination.The relationship between freedom and force depends on the type of political regime in the country.Authoritarian regimes significantly restrict the freedom of the individual.
Every citizen has the freedom to move and he has the right to choose for themselves the most comfortable living conditions.Therefore, the population - changeable category.It is characterized by constant and variable composition.The variability is characterized by the notion of migration.It can occur both within the State and between different countries.The level of its development largely depends on the socio-economic situation of the individual in the state.