little biography of Winston Churchill

Before you take the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain, Churchill had to strengthen its position in the world political arena.He was one of the few politicians who openly stated about the danger of peace with Germany, which advocated for the then current Prime Minister Chamberlain.It is the latter held a policy agreement with Hitler that allowed Germany to get the western and central parts of Europe.

more arriving in 1920 to the post of Secretary of State, a monarchist Churchill was very upset over the arrival of the Bolshevik power in Russia and has repeatedly advocated military intervention at a time when the country was raging civil war.With the formation of the Soviet Union and the
Secretary of State did overestimate the role of the young continental state, feeling in his proletarian power threat for Europe in general and Britain in particular.

Since 1936, Churchill increasingly worked with the intelligence data about the mood in Germany, he intuitively felt that by sweeping views of its leaders should be expected threat.His first acts as prime minister was the cancellation agreements on peace with Germany, Churchill began to establish relations with countries such as the USA and the USSR.

According to Churchill it was the main initiator of the Soviet Union in order to make the confusion in the effort to get Hitler to Eastern Europe, which meant that only the Union can help to defend the sovereignty of the smaller European states.For this has been signed and the related Molotov and Ribbentrop pact.

Churchill and Stalin

Even before the Second World War, Churchill led a secret correspondence with Stalin, which has repeatedly talked about the possible dangers in the face of Hitler, thus he tried to get a powerful ally - the Soviet Union.

Stalin to Churchill treated very cautiously.The Englishman knew this and tried to reverse the situation, in numerous letters to Stalin in 1941, he said that the head of Russia became strong and tough leader, but because he considers it possible to create a great alliance between the two countries.

Although Churchill was opposed to communism, he knew that without such an alliance is unlikely to be able to save his country.Therefore, in May 1942, it has already signed a treaty of alliance between Britain and the USSR.

liberation march

After the main allies were found, the government has begun to release Churchill areas of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, but in the territory of the Europe from Hitler's troops had to get rid of the Soviet soldiers.The Soviet government has repeatedly raised the issue of opening a second front, but Churchill was in no hurry.When the summer of 1943, Russia has become very quickly to win territory and to move towards the west, Churchill realized that the time has come for the invasion of the British and US military in the western part of Europe.

During World War II, Churchill was able to combine in his face just three positions: Minister of Defence, the Prime Minister and the leader of the House of Commons.Moreover, it was he who translated the work of the parliament to the military regime and he worked around the clock.
Historians say that Sir Winston accepted into the ranks of his army defeated military allies, putting under its banner.

When World War II ended, Churchill sent a message to the USSR, where congratulated on his victory and said that mutual understanding and friendship must be constant companions in the future between the two countries.And six months later he would be praising Stalin and to say that he had never held an anti-Russian policy, while it is known that before the war and during it, Churchill had many agents in the territory of the Union, he received almost daily reports.Curiously, even after he left the political arena, Winston Churchill was also closely followed by former proletarian ally.