to the concept of "people" there are many definitions, from the poetic "crown of creation" to the purely scientific "biological specimen".However, the majority point of view converge at two main points.Firstly, people - part of nature, and secondly, they - member of society.

in its biological essence of man is a living being, the most advanced member of the class of mammals.From other animals distinguished by the presence of his abstract thinking, articulate speech, ability to develop intellectually and physically.

At the same time, except for a set of physiological traits th
at determine the sex and race, each individual has specific psychological qualities.They constitute the identity of the person.Its main qualities are formed gradually.The development of personality affects the social situation in which the person, his inner circle (family, colleagues, friends, etc.), different socio-cultural contacts and ideas learned in the process of human communication.

In other words, we can say that people - intelligent representative of the animal world and an active social life.This concept is broader than the "individual", "personality" and "citizen".The first describes only the natural side of the people, the second - only the social.

term "citizen" in legal theory refers to a man who knows his rights and duties, is able to use them for the benefit of themselves and without harm to others.It is necessarily associated with a particular state system of legal norms.

permanently residing in the territory of any country, a person under certain conditions can obtain local citizenship.Availability of public citizen passport gives special legal status compared to stateless persons and foreign nationals residing in the same state.Benefits apply to voting rights, property and social benefits, the state protection of rights, etc.

concept of "citizen" is also discussed in the framework of philosophies.In this sense, man is presented as free and equal members of society.The emphasis is on an informed and responsible citizen behavior.Whether he had an official document of citizenship, a person must make a reasonable actions acted within the law of the country in which he lives, contribute to improving the social and political fabric of society.

Thus, it can be concluded that between the words "man" and "citizen" definitely there is a connection.A citizen may be only a person that isa living being, endowed with reason and psychological qualities.But there are always people become citizens, ie,the legal units of a State.