portal TMZ, specializing in the publication of news about celebrities, posted a series of scandalous photos, which in the nude you can find Prince Harry - the youngest grandson of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.Photos were made by a friend of the Prince, who, along with him had fun in one of the lyuksovskih hotels in Las Vegas.It is rumored that he received for his photo of about 15 thousand dollars.

company invited several girls in the room and decided to play pool on the strip.Judging by the lack of clothing youngest grandson of the Queen - in the game he did not have much luck.As, however, and one of the girls, which the prince gently hugged the photo, covering from prying eyes.

Despite the bad clarity of pictures in a handsome r
ed-haired is not difficult to find a representative of the royal family.In addition, the staff Clarence House confirmed this fact.At the same time the Office of the Prince of Wales addressed to all British media to the non-proliferation of data pictures, because they were apparently made without the knowledge of the young queen's grandson.The royal family had refrained from any comment on the matter.

It should be noted that the behavior of the Prince Harry for the first time compromising Imperial family.Before that, he was accused of inappropriate relationships with local women in the city of Gilan-brand, where he served in the US military base.In 2002, a minor prince confessed to marijuana use, and three years later was in the lenses of the paparazzi in a Nazi uniform, which put on a costume for the party.

However, most are not worried Now Prince reaction of his family and military career - Harry served in the British Royal Air Force in the post of captain.Because of this behavior of the military can easily lower in rank.