head of state can never be perfect, simply because any person has flaws.And its policy also can not please everybody, without exception, will always be unhappy.Nevertheless, while it has the support of the broad masses of the society, the ruling classes, and the main power structures, its power is strong enough.But if he begins to seriously infringe upon the interests of the ruling classes, they certainly have a desire to remove him and bring to power another person.And the likelihood of such a palace coup, the higher the less support the president of the people and power structures.
palace coup may also happen due to the intervention of external forces.Especially in cas
es where the head of state politics begins directly affect the interests of another country.
consider concrete historical example.After the death of Empress Catherine II he ascended to the throne of her son Paul I. He began vigorously to restore order, resorting to tough, even harsh measures.It had no taste of many nobles, and a Guards officer, accustomed to idle and carefree life.Their discontent, fueled by rumors of mental illness of the emperor, led to a conspiracy.And on the night of March 12, 1801 Paul I was murdered.The throne passed to his eldest son, Alexander, who (according to the official version) knew about the impending coup, but believed the promises of the conspirators that will save the life of his father in return for renunciation.
addition to the above dissatisfaction on the part of the nobility and the Guards officers Paul I earned the dislike of the army (because of the worship of the Prussian military orders, the introduction of a senseless exhausting "shagistiki" and uncomfortable clothing Prussian model).Therefore, the conspirators could not help but fear that some of the top army chiefs arrested by the coup participants and betray justice.
Finally, there was another reason for this palace coup.The fact that in the last period of his life Paul I dramatically changed the course of Russian foreign policy.He decided to enter into an alliance with Napoleon Bonaparte, who by that time at the head of France.Then I have formed a powerful coalition, which has the greatest power in Europe.England could not let that happen, so the British Ambassador in St. Petersburg, took an active part in the organization of the conspiracy against Paul.