Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947 in Detroit, the son of a very wealthy parents - his father was CEO of the automotive corporation American Motors.After high school, Mitt disaccustomed one year at Stanford University, and then went to France as a missionary of the Church of Latter-day Saints.This is the main denomination of the Mormon religion, which belonged to the family for many generations Romney.Upon returning to the United States next presidential candidate consistently received two degrees in the Mormon Brigham Young University and Harvard University
, and then went into business.He became co-founder and then CEO of investment firm Bain Capital and porukovodit several other firms.In this field, Mitt worked very well - in some years profits Bain Capital has reached 100%, and the company became the US leader in its field.

entering politics Mitt Romney did not surprise anyone - his father won three times in the election for governor of Michigan, he was a presidential candidate and a minister in the Nixon administration.Mother Romney to run for Congress, and his brother - to the post of Minister of Justice of the State.Mitt participated in the election of parents with 15 years of age, and his own first attempt was made in 1994, but lost the fight for a place in the Senate, Ted Kennedy.In 1999, he headed the organizing committee of the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, so that has received considerable popularity in the country.It helped at the end of games (in 2002) to win the election for governor of Massachusetts.In 2007, Romney became the first participant in the presidential race, but gave way to the Republican candidate John McCain.The second attempt was more successful - the required number of votes in the primaries, he had scored early May 30, 2012, after voting in Texas.Now Romney - the official candidate of the Republican Party, whose chances in the fight against Barack Obama are valued very highly.