Democracy in Greek means "power of the people."The basis of democracy is the collective decision-making, and the people are the only source of legitimate power.In a democracy, leaders are determined through direct and fair elections.It is the society chooses the direction of the country to meet the common interests.

One of the key features of democracy is the principle of individual freedom.In this case, democracy - it is freedom, limited the scope of the law.Thanks to the democratic structure of the state, citizens can directly influence the choice of the course of development of the country by voting for this or that party leaders for expressing precisely their interests.

The origin of democracy leads from ancient Greece and Rome.Since then, a variety of built model of a democratic so
ciety, with its own advantages and disadvantages.The most successful form of democracy still exist.

Is democracy the most equitable way of governing?The answer to this question is still looking.For all its virtues, democracy and the inherent multiple disadvantages.In the words of Winston Churchill, "Democracy - the worst form of government except all the others that humanity has tried in its history."One of the major drawbacks of democracy is that power very often come people who already have power and (or) significant material resources."The man in the street" to get to the heights of power is very difficult, if not impossible.In most cases, people come to power, did not express the interests of the people as such, but the political and industrial groups.Even if the country's leader is directly elected by the people, it has not guaranteed its policy, the most favorable for the company.In any country, a lot of smart people, but people in general is often a crowd.And the interests of the crowd is generally low-lying and primitive.Therefore, to power in a democracy, people often come to expressing the mood of the crowd, who are her idols.

Another big trouble democracy is the manipulation of public opinion.Thanks to modern means of mass media the opportunity is easy enough to turn public opinion in the right direction.As a result, democracy, conceived as a means of expressing the will of the people, loses its fundamental principle.In the vote of the people dutifully expresses his opinion imposed externally such a choice is a completely legitimate.But really neither of which free will is silence, people vote for those whom they indicate.

Democracy is not perfect, but it is better than anything you can imagine.All other methods of political rule have led to even more disastrous results.Will there ever a more perfect system?Always.When people change themselves.No change for the better the psychology of people, no positive changes in the forms of government are not possible.