Authority and its organs

Under political power means the ability of a limited group of people (or one person) to monitor and control the state and its citizens, guided by certain considerations.Schemes such management may be different, depending on the political system and social order.Different mechanisms for the implementation of power affect the principle of the formation and composition of the government and its branches.Traditionally considered to be the most viable system in which there are three independent branches: legislative, executive and judicial.Obviously, in such an embodiment, a single authority carries out legislative activities based on the interests of society, others - realize the adopt
ed laws, and the third monitors compliance with them. necessary to distinguish between public authorities and public bodies, which, though included in the system of government, but do not have the authority.

Authorities - these are elements of the power structure, which provides a direct control of the state and society.Their main feature is precisely the presence of certain powers.As a rule, they are divided in accordance with the scale of the impact on the federal and regional authorities.In turn, the regional bodies can be both a part of the public administration system, and enter the structure of local government.In most cases, the local government represented only the executive branch, that is his only function is the execution of the laws adopted at the national or regional level.

Structure authorities

Authorities are divided horizontally (three branches) and vertically: the state level, regional and local.Depending on the constitution of the state, the scheme may vary, however, in most countries there is an additional supreme authority (the president or monarch), which does not participate directly in the work of, and control over their activities to the best possible co-operation. In the Russian Federation all judicial authorities are the federal level, regardless of the jurisdiction of the court.

Formation authorities is in accordance with applicable law and the political system.For example, in democracies, legislative bodies, usually formed as a result of the elections, and during the dictatorship all power, in fact, belongs to a limited group of people or even one person, and under its control authorities are, based on their wishes and interests.