More broadly, the concept of ideology can be regarded as certain views, which adheres to a person or group of people.It may even be an entire country or coalition.Ideology is not always imposed from the outside, but it is always in contact with the authorities.She can wear a free and voluntary, allowing a person to each of the people vybora.Dlya ideology is a personal opinion.Sometimes the views or target a few people can match.In this case ideology becomes public.Due to the lack of any ideology, people have nowhere to seek.Ideology disciplines, brings a sense of duty and a patriotizm.Vklyuchaya social problems and social objectives aimed at consolidating or changing social
relations of a certain type, ideology becomes a real tool in the hands of a political leader.First ideology is the class system, as it defends the interests of a particular class. ideology divided into two types: ideology exploiting class (the bourgeoisie, the monarchy) and ideology of the exploited class (the working class, of the intelligentsia) .First type based on the desire to profit at the expense of others, justifies the owners of big capital, despitethe fact that formally supports the equality of all people on the planet.This ideology , if it prevails in society, making society itself subordinate to the interests of those who focused fixed assets.The ideology of exploiting class exacerbates conflict and creates a disconnect between the people making them mutual competitors.This ideology promotes the development of a specific personality to the aggressive attitude obschestvu.Vtoroy type of ideology is based on the desire of the company to significantly improve human life.Speaking against the exploitation and the desire for profit, public opinion is based on humanism, mutual assistance and good relations to nature and to people.This ideology in our time, alas, is more like fiction.