Totalitarianism in science is often called social "disease" of the 20th century.The concept is directly linked with the name of the famous Italian politician Benito Mussolini established in the country dictates of power.That is the basis of the global capitalist ideas, whose main aim is the imposition of universal equality.According to the ideas expressed by the famous philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the state should express the common will of the people, and separately taken person is obliged, as it were to dissolve in this huge strong body, obeying a single impulse.
Totalitarianism as a special form of political system has a number of features, the most important among them is the issue related to le
gitimacy, it is the law which came to power rule.It should be noted that the precursors of the totalitarian system, as a rule, revolution and rebellion, which is why sincere desire of the people to live in these conditions is always questioned.
people completely ceases to control all government processes.There is a total bureaucratization control over absolutely all spheres of human life, from politics, economy and science, finishing with family, cultural and interpersonal relations.As a rule, in such circumstances, moral and ethical values ​​suffer any significant changes and to plant again.Citizens of the country, in fact, turned into slaves of the existing political system.
One form of totalitarian power is a policy of planting a special internal terror, that is, the artificial creation of an environment of distrust and mutual denunciation.Espionage, a huge number of internal and external enemies, the atmosphere of constant danger - these are the main features of modern totalitarianism.
legal system is completely modified, replaced by a system of immutable laws and decrees issued by the government.The authorities use the laws of their own, manipulating the directives issued by it.
system of separation of powers relegated to the background, the whole force, usually concentrated in the hands of a single person, and the leader of his political party.It is characterized by the appearance of totalitarian personality cult preached by all the inhabitants of the country.
consciousness of the people is changing, dissent and other such manifestations of freedom and independence in every way persecuted, the country is becoming closed to the outside world.
Obvious examples of the world's countries are totalitarian era Hitler's Germany, Pinochet in Chile.Today totalitarian regime inherent in such countries as Cuba and Afghanistan, our country has a distinct totalitarianism relates to the period of formation of the USSR, since 1918, and is associated with the planting prevailing at that time in the country the ideas of socialism.