to immediately end the violence and carnage, condemning the deaths of civilians, inhumane indignation cruelty and brutality, as well as promises of imminent international responsibility of the international community exploded in the face of the United States, Israel, the largest European countries and the Gulf.If you do not specify the date as an emotional reaction, it is possible to get lost in conjecture, what is the state addressed the angry accusations of genocide of their own people.Over the past 20 years this wave of compassion for "the oppressed and deprived of democracy" nations ro
lls on some of the leading world powers with enviable regularity.

Today "happiness to be released," fell to the Syrians.The tragedy May 26, 2012 in a small Syrian town of Hula, was the culmination of geopolitical play tentatively called "The overthrow of the dictatorial regime of Syria," tie which was in January 2011. "The Syrian Center for monitoring the observance of human rights", located reason inLondon (there probably best seen what I have seen this center) for 27 May on the morning after the tragic events that alerted the world about the inhuman shelling government army Syrian civilians Hula, which killed more than 100 people, half of themchildren.

Blazing findings suggests that they were formulated long before the events themselves.Further immediate chain reaction of many statements by US officials and their NATO allies, with accusations of Syrian authorities, and calls for Assad to leave the presidency and to give the government into the hands of the democratic forces.And again, the cart ahead of the horse greatly.None of the "champions of democracy" does not need an investigation of what happened, the search for the culprit, and similar procedures for the determination of the truth.And it does not matter that even preliminary conclusions from what has happened does not tally with the version of deaths as a result of the shelling.Since most of the victims had been stabbed or shot at close range, it looks more like a punishment or penalty.But these applications are registered in the same scenario, the play has been repeatedly on the stage run-Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya, Egypt, and others of that ilk.

Who and where he wrote the not very fantasy scenario, it is easy to understand.It is enough to trace the improvement of NATO military bases in the territories, where yesterday was planned "complete and final victory of" democracy.Who will pay for the blood shed in the Hula?The answer to the question of who will pay the bills, is obvious.Formally, the international court of Syria's current president and his entourage.The real culprits remain behind the scenes.But in fact long and expensive for these events will pay the Syrian people.There is no opposition in the country, able to quickly build a democratic state.The future of Syria - long military conflict, the intervention of NATO forces, and then the writers had another concern: where will the next show of the play.

denouement of the tragedy can be unexpected and are not spelled out in any scenario.Setting fire to someone else's house, to warm his hands, it is necessary to take into account the bleak prospect of burn in the fire, along with the hosts to burn and innocent neighbors.