cautious attitude towards representatives of other peoples living in the man since ancient times.It is based on fear, which causes all the unknown and incomprehensible, as well as potential competition for resources with other communities.Such relationships have created an ideological principle of "someone else - it means the enemy."This is called xenophobia.

Modern man less than his ancestors, affected by xenophobia, and yet in certain circumstances, it comes alive.

spontaneous rousing

Sometimes ethnic strife not even need to stir up - she inflames herself.The trigger is a search for the guilty.For example, a person can not get a job and find a convenient explanation to blame immigrants, they took all the jobs.On the other hand, immigrants are blamed for the troubles indigenous people: the authorities
are better for them.The higher the level of unemployment, the more people who think in this vein, and this is not the opinion of the individual and the public mood, which may result in unrest and clashes.

important role in this process is played by national stereotypes.For example, there is a vicious tradition ascribe to Jews greed and cunning.From close to the accusations of the Jews in the poverty of other nations, and there to the fantastic theories about the "global Zionist conspiracy."Natives of the Caucasus as traditionally attributed increased aggression, so hurry to blame them for rising crime, even if there is no evidence that another robbery, or rape committed Caucasians.

purposeful incitement

In some cases, inciting ethnic hatred favorable to the authorities, because the principle of "divide and rule" has been known since ancient Rome.
used to incite hatred media.Direct incitement to violence against the representatives of a people would be against the law, so the course is more subtle means which psychologists call "hate speech."

One of the main methods of hate speech - focus on the nationality of participants of events, when it comes to the negative facts.For example, you can write in the chronicle of accidents: "The janitor-Tajik does not cleave the ice from the sidewalk, leaving retired injured her leg."After reading a note left with the impression that it is not just a woman suffered from the poor performance of the wiper and the Russian suffered from the Tajiks.If the Russian fight started, the nationality of bullies can never mention, but if it did Chechens to mention necessary.Several of these notes - and readers will be sure that all the fighting in the town of plotting Chechens.

Another method - a reference to the authority.Quite high in the modern world the authority of science, but the level of education leaves much to be desired, so it appears in the media and the Internet publication of some scientists, supposedly to prove that a particular nation is the "genetically pure".Pseudoscientific propaganda can be veiled.For example, you can write about scientific research to prove the alleged intellectual superiority blue-eyed people.Of course, in this category do not fit the Chinese nor the Yakuts.

not less important than media propaganda has on the social networks.Users can create accounts on behalf of non-existent people to write about the atrocities allegedly committed by members of a particular nation.

Best "vaccination" from the incitement of ethnic hatred - a critical perception of information, improvement of the educational level.Thinking man is very difficult to manipulate, arousing irrational hatred.