Guided by the provisions of the new law on the election of regional leaders, the faction of the party "United Russia" Moscow City Council has developed and introduced a number of amendments to the Charter of the capital.The changes concern the return to the political reality of the election of the mayor of Moscow.The amendments can come into force in July 2012.

According to the draft "United Russia", the mayor will be elected by the inhabitants of Moscow on the basis of direct and equal suffrage by secret ballot for a term of 5 years.The mayor of the capital can become a Russian citizen who does not have citizenship of a fo
reign state, has attained the age of thirty.

date of the election, according to the proposed amendments, will be appointed the Moscow City Duma.It will also decide on the date of the vote on the recall of the mayor of Moscow, if the need arises, according to "Izvestia".As acting mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin has held this position since October 2010, the mayor of the next elections could be held after five years of his tenure, that is not earlier than 2015.

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin in an interview to "TV Center" said that the future elections of the mayor of Moscow to be transparent, constructive and competitive.He noted that he considers it possible to participate in the elections not only of party candidates, but also the so-called self-nominated.The main requirement for a candidate for high office - not belonging to a political party, and good skills in economic planner and manager, as the mayor has to a greater extent not solve the political and economic issues.

preceding the election of mayor were held in December 2003.Thus, the distance between the two most important political events in the region will be at least twelve years.Now Moscow will develop and adopt a special law on the election of the mayor, who is not even in the draft.In the meantime, especially procedures for mayor next election are not clear either legislators or voters.It is expected that the development of the procedure for implementing the election process will take into account the recommendations and suggestions of all factions represented in the Moscow City Duma.