should get support from outside.Of course, it is hardly seriously expect that a bunch of people will be able to raise the masses of people without cash infusions and influential supporters.You should know that if you take on someone else's money for political purposes, "generous donors" with you then ask the full.You will require the execution of a foreign political will to require performance of your troops on the side of "allies".And it is only if the revolution will be successful.Otherwise you to
quickly repudiate recent patrons, as political scandals few people like.
worth to do their PR campaign.If you have the money and the support, it is still only half the battle.A revolutionary must become known among the masses in order to win support within their own country.
Since all please do not succeed, you need to select the segment of the population, which will close your program.Become a popular man for the selected segment of the population.It's worth noting that if a segment of the population to which you want, not the oppressed, it is unlikely you will be able to raise the barricades such masses of people satisfied with life.
should move to serious action.Once you have the support within the state and outside, you need to go to the active offensive actions.Tanks, platform, armored cars, fiery speeches and other activities of that kind.
Think about the consequences.Even before you start to look for support, is to think deeply whether skin tanning.Revolution - in any case, cause blood and violence.Yes, the state government can not organize, but is it worth endangering his country.Foreign intervention can be a consequence of the revolution, and the choicest pieces depart the country under the influence or in possession of other countries.A abstract happy future is unlikely to thousands or millions of lives.