fourth day of December, 2011 in Russia, the regular elections of deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, which resulted in the lead party "United Russia", the head of which was in force at the time president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.Those who disagree with the outcome of the elections - representatives of other political parties and non-party opposition - come out December 10 on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow, demanding a recount and investigation of electoral fraud ballots at polling stations.

first of the shares in the campaign "For Fair Elections" has collected, according to estimates of inde
pendent experts, about 50 thousand people, most of them were invited to enter the marshy area in the social networks of the Internet.On the demands of the demonstrators responded to President Dmitry Medvedev, wrote on his page on the social network Facebook, which he does not agree with slogans.

At the end of the action the organizing committee of the movement "For Fair Elections", which consisted of a politician Boris Nemtsov, a writer Grigory Chkhartishvili (Boris Akunin), journalist Oleg Kashin and others, determined the date of the next meeting.December 24, 2011 Muscovites gathered on Sakharov Avenue, organized rallies and in other Russian cities.In addition to the cancellation of the election results, the opposition demanded the release of political prisoners and ignoring the candidacy of Vladimir Putin, Russia's prime minister, in the upcoming presidential elections.

In early 2012, as part of the socio-political campaign was created League of Voters, whose representatives have emphasized that it is not going to become a political party.Meanwhile, presidential candidate Vladimir Putin said he was ready to meet with representatives of the "League".

On January 29, Moscow hosted a rally under the slogan "For Fair Elections", and February 4, a regular procession.Campaigners popularly became known as "belolentochnikami" - white ribbons became a symbol of the movement.

After the presidential elections in Russia March 4, 2012, won by Vladimir Putin, the second wave of campaigners.The next day after the elections on Pushkin and wetland areas have been re-rallies with the demand to review the results of the vote.Another mass action "March of millions", was held on the eve of the inauguration (inauguration), President of the Russian Federation.