Russian public organization to promote the development of sovereign democracy youth movement "Nashi" - so called the youth organization that emerged in 2004.It came into being through the reorganization of the movement "Going together.""Our" are pro-Kremlin structures supporting Vladimir Putin's course and its mode of governance.

February 28, 2005 in a rest home "Senezh" owned by RF President Administration, the first conference of the Moscow representation of movement.The leader and founder Vasily Yakimenko proclaimed the official launch of the anti-fascist youth movement "Nashi".It was followed by several similar calls to the press from different cities of Russia.

Organization considers Russia as the
historical and geographical center of the world, for the freedom which it intends to fight.Country, according to representatives of movement, threatening alliance of communists, fascists and liberals who hate Putin."Our" going to fully support the cast, they said, calling Putin oligarchs.The objectives of the movement are named as follows: preservation of the sovereignty and integrity of Russia, the construction of a functioning civil society, modernization of the country by the personnel revolution.

have "our", in addition to the shares held, there are a few projects."Our-2.0." Deals with moral and patriotic education of youth.Those objectives have the project "Steel"."Run me" develops sports direction, and "You - Entrepreneur" proclaims itself the Youth Business School.

most famous project - Forum "Seliger".National youth educational camp opens annually on the eponymous lake in the Tver region.During the forum held a meeting with political leaders, government officials, as well as organized active participants in the movement.After two years of "Seliger" has reached the number of participants to ten thousand people.

name "Nashi" movement participants initially gave his opponents by analogy with the Nazis."Our 'annually funded from various sources.The participants called the source of their income deductions from the Russian businessmen who are ready to support the views of the movement of material.In 2012, the leadership of the movement are increasingly talking about the next reorganization and disbandment of "Nashi".