Do not think that the chance to go to the podium to have everyone come to the rally.Maybe at the end of the official part and the microphone will be set free, but allowed near him is not all.It's for the best, as you will agree that there are enough people who can afford the extra.If you were given the opportunity to speak at the rally , you need to soberly assess the situation.
Realize that you are listening to a crowd of thousands of people.It is possible that many of the aggressive mood, some are willing to obey anyone who c
alls to action.Your presentation should not be too negative.In no case can not affect the question of nationalities, so as not to cause unnecessary actions.Try to express your point of view as much as possible correctly and politely.
feel responsible for what is happening, even if you just come to the meeting and not going to say it into the microphone.Everyone who came to this event must soberly assess the situation.It is not necessary to go into the center of the crowd and make its way to the stage at which the broadcast and public figures.Do not forget that a large crowd of people - it is always dangerous.
stand out from the crowd.A person who has his point of view, the rally is not just to stand next to like-minded people.If you want to bring their words to the authorities, try to stand out.Draw a poster with an unusual proposition.Good will look ironic phrase or proverb.Even in difficult and seemingly hopeless situations, you need to keep a sense of humor.Rallies remove TV channels, so do not doubt that you will see.Do not try to attract attention rude cries or curses.So the behavior you just attract the attention of the police.Do not forget that the rally - a peaceful event.Do not become an agent provocateur and not succumb to provocations of others.