UK Parliament is based on the Westminster system, which implies a democracy based on a parliamentary system of government.The British Parliament is divided into two chambers, which met in the Palace of Westminster.It is known the House of Commons and House of Lords.
Any document received by them must pass through the procedure of Royal Assent before becoming applicable law.Parliament is the UK is the only legislative institutions of the country, such as the governments of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are not sovereign and can be abolished.
head of government is the prime minister who is chosen resolution of the me
mbers of the House of Commons.Usually it becomes the leader of the most popular political party.After the vote, the Prime Minister is formally appointed by the monarch, and then formed the current government, and now Her Majesty's Government.At the same time the Cabinet is appointed only at the request of the Prime Minister.
country's political system is a three-party scheme, consisting of the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats.The rest of the government formation is very small.For example, in 2010 the three parties won 622 seats in the House of Commons from 650 possible.Liberal Democrats are the third most popular in the country and established in 1988, Labour or working party dates back to 1900, and conservative - the oldest - the 70 the 17th century.
absolutely all Party UK education, of which there are eight, divided into 5 categories.So "ecology" or "green", or the Green Party of England and Wales, together with the communists or the "democratic left" a so-called "left" direction;Working or Socialist party belongs to the center-left;Liberal democracy, or the Liberal Party - to centrists;"Conservatives", or representatives of the Conservative Party - to the center-right, and the United Kingdom Independence Party, or "Euroskeptic" Party, together with the British National Party or the Nationalist Party - to the ultra-right.