Closeness Arab

One of the main reasons that some Arab countries are complicated with regard to visas, is that people there live relatively closed life with her own way of life.Indigenous people do not want to change it, but it always happens when a country is flooded with foreign tourists.Therefore, all travelers are perceived as outsiders.If enough foreigners, they have honor and respect, but when the number of tourists increases too much, the locals feel as if their territory is an intrusion invaders.

should be noted that for the most part tourists also usually do not behave too respectful of local traditions, it is possible to say about the natives of absolutely all countries.

why women experience particular problems

Not all Arab countries create such difficulties for women.For example, countries such as Turkey and Egypt, happy to welcome guests of either sex who are willing to rest on their beaches.They recently joined Tunisia, which is ready to claim the title of tourist discoveries of recent years.Get a visa or entry permit for the women in these countries is as simple as it is for men.

But countries such as the United Arab Emirates, really cause difficulties for women.First of all there are suspicious of the ladies, who are aged between 20 and 30 years old and not married.If she was going to accompany, even if they are not officially married, most likely, it will not experience difficulties with a visa.But the lady traveling alone can easily refuse a visa.Even if a girl goes to a friend or relative of the company, it still can not get a visa.For the Arab countries, it is important that the traveler was accompanied by a man.

fact that the emigration policy of the Arab countries is that they do not understand the reasons for a single woman traveling to their country.They fear that a tourist will try to find a husband in the territory of their country, and it is likely that she will try to get it to work.There are cases in which single women obtained a visa to the Emirates, but it is better not to risk it.

addition to the Emirates, there are other Arab countries are suspicious of girls.The hardest thing to get a visa to Saudi Arabia.Unmarried persons of either sex will have big problems with obtaining visas, and women up to 30 years of age and not be able to enter unless accompanied by their husband, father or brother.In general, the country will not issue tourist visas, entry permit can be obtained only for the purpose of visiting the religious sites or committing urmy or hajj.