According to the Economist Intelligence Unit at the beginning of March 2014, this year's list of most expensive cities in the world led by Singapore, shifting from first place in Tokyo.And in Singapore and Tokyo trend noticeable increase in food prices, but by the early spring of this year in Singapore and even transport costs were much higher than in all the cities of the world.
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Paris - the second most expensive city.His eternal historical rival London is not even in the top ten.But here everyone chooses for himself.If someone enough "to see Paris and die", many choose the city of lovers for permanent residence, in spite of the cost of food, transportation and housing - one of the most expensive in the world.
Paris by night
After Paris, like breathing to him in the back, followed by such European cities as Oslo, Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne.And, if the capital of Norway, Oslo always get to the list of most expensive cities rated EIU, the 2014 spike in social services took him to third place.Well, the price of the basic components of normal food basket: milk, bread and cereals in Oslo is much more expensive than in other cities.
Three Cities beautiful, peaceful as Switzerland took their rightful place in the ranking compiled.Geneva in 4th place, and Zurich and Lausanne below.This is not surprising.The Swiss are willing to pay for a high quality of life, security and peace, paying the state treasury one of the highest income taxes in the world.
Sydney confident growth trend of the Australian dollar has meant that the capital of Australia is one of the highest positions in the ranking of expensive cities in the world.The growth of the national currency - a measure of the welfare of the residents, which affects the level of taxes.For tourists is an indicator of the high cost of the rental vehicle and hotel services.
Caracas, unlike Sydney, expensive city for another reason.On the expensive prices in the Venezuelan city refuses to influence its location and the fact that almost all the food delivered to him from afar.Plus - a predatory pricing policy of the authorities of the country, even artificially inflate prices of essential commodities.
But Melbourne, to the delight of its residents fell markedly.Last year he was 4th place ranking.On finding him in the top ten most expensive cities in the world affects what a city like Zurich in Europe - is the headquarters for all banks in the Asia-Pacific region, in connection with what is one of the highest income taxes.
Copenhagen closes 10 expensive cities.While a year ago, I was in the second ten.The inhabitants of this beautiful Scandinavian city to pay high prices for comfort, convenience, perfect service and attractiveness of the city.Yes, housing and medicine in Copenhagen are at a consistently high level.
San ​​Francisco and New York are the most expensive cities in America, but in the top ten most expensive cities in the world are not logged in.Their place in the second ten, as well as the place in Moscow.Fully a dozen expensive cities in the world in 2014 is as follows: Singapore, Paris, Oslo, Zurich, Sydney, Tokyo, Caracas, Geneva, Melbourne, Copenhagen.
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