First of all, according to the founders and leaders of the party, Russia due to the many historical, political, economic and social reasons, can only exist as an empire.There is no alternative.At the same time, the program states that it is necessary to combine the essence of the imperial state and Russian cathedral democracy, so-called Zemsky Sobor Russia.Therefore, the party "For our country," the basis of the program puts healthy, truly popular conservatism, focusing on the national ideology of Russians.

In the political sphe
re, the party was in favor of strong state power, based on people's will.The Russian people, the only source of sovereign power and shall exercise it through the territorial self-government and the Zemsky Sobor Russia.

in public administration party stands for a sharp tightening of penalties embezzlers and corrupt officials, including the death penalty, as well as compulsory declaration of assets by public officials and regular checking of the polygraph.The right to a public official to occupy any position must be directly linked to the performance of his work and the level of credibility with the public.

In the economic sphere the party in favor of the revision of the results of the pledge auctions 90s, as well as for the strongest possible measures to lift the national economy, including measures of protection in relation to the domestic producers of goods and services.

of Natural Party program provides a set of measures to raise the country's agriculture.The land can not be bought and sold, it is valid only for rent (including long-term).

In international relations, the party "For our country," announced the creation of a National priority geopolitical project.The essence of this project is the formation of a single state, which should include Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.