Following that appeared on the Internet video event in which young women accompanied by gestures song "Mother of God, Putin Put".The incident further split the society.On the member of the group opened a criminal case under article "hooliganism."Three of them were arrested, but the consequence of a long time prolongs detention.

address in law enforcement and the church began to receive letters signed by human rights activists, artists, etc.with a request to soften its stance in relation to the participants of the action.The appeal, in particular, said that such a prolonged detention of inadequate misdemeanor.The Church was accused of is that it does not want to forgive a Christian member of the political, considered by many to action.

The Church insists that in Christ the Savior Cathedral in an
y political action was not.At the altar of the group Pussy Riot has not performed the song "Mother of God, Putin Put" - video appeared on the Internet after an appropriate installation.In the temple, the girls shouted the phrase "... With Hb Lord!", And it offends the feelings of believers.Accordingly, to solve the faithful - offended their feelings or not to forgive or not to forgive.

In addition, the ROC points to the fact that human rights defenders are punk prayer as protest against Putin and the merger of the church with the state and at the same time urged the clergy to intervene in the investigation, that is, the work of the state bodies, as it is illogical.

But most importantly, according to the church, is that the participants of the action committed an act of hooliganism not religious or political reasons, but in order to capitalize on this fact, even bad, but glory.The buzz surrounding the event showed that the girls did it, so they are unlikely to realize the depth of his act.Accordingly, in no remorse, and the church forgives repentant.