administration edge - it is a public body that manages the territory entrusted to him.That is the administration - is part of the executive branch.
the head of administration is the governor.According to the reform carried out in 2005, gubernatorial elections were canceled.In this position the person is appointed, if the president submitted his candidacy for the legislature edge , and it was approved.The governor has more substituents on various issues.Their number and function may vary depending on the particular edge .
also includes administration of the various organs of government.It's different departments, directorates and commissions responsible for the economic and cultu
ral issues, as well as different types of control activities.Separately, you can note edge representative of the Government of the Russian Federation, which serves as a connection with the federal government.
What is the activity of the administration?As the executive authority to determine the policies edge in various fields.Administrative bodies with legislative participate in developing the annual budget edge , which subsequently has to be approved by the governor.Also, the administration is engaged in development of various regulations and orders, designed to regulate a variety of daily activities.Another important function - control.For example, the administration can oversee the management of natural resources, construction and so on.
There are separate offices responsible for various forms of public relations.Their responsibilities included establishing contacts with various organizations, and report to the public the essence of the administration edge .