reason for the war - an outlet to the Baltic

Russian was vital to the Baltic Sea.By the early 18th century as a result of the current difficult foreign policy situation has arisen a great risk of losing it.The main, trade in the Baltic Sea controlled Sweden, who charge huge duties.Not only that, for Russia it could not be profitable, so also it had no direct contact with the West.
resolve such difficult situation in the long Northern War.Command troops took over recently entered the Russian throne of Peter the Great.It is said that Sweden was the wily and powerful adversary, and Charles XII - a wise ruler and brave warrior.

Interestingly, the beginning of the Northern War was a disaster for Peter.This was explained in the beginning of the reorganization of the Russian army.The first great battle of Narva
in 1700 proved devastating.The Swedish king was elated: Russia unlikely to be able to recover from such a serious injury.

However, the culmination of the Great Northern War was the Battle of Poltava in 1709.By this time the war was a mixed success: the Swedes have already suffered a series of defeats, but stepped on the territory of Russia.The Swedish command decided to capture the city of Poltava.It seemed a simple task: a small town with a population of 4000 could hardly have a strong resistance.However, this calculation is summarized Charles.
Swedes besieged the city, underlay explosives under his wall.However, the Russian had a similar punch counterpunch they dug nights explosives afternoon light were fighting and preparing for a decisive battle.

the aid to Poltava troops arrived under the leadership of irreplaceable assistant Peter the Great Menshikov.Interestingly, the Swedes have made a series of raids in the hope to penetrate the walls of the city of Poltava, but were repulsed by Russian.

devastating battle

reason for the outbreak of hostilities has served as an escape of a German soldier from the Russian army.Peter suspected that he might flop over to the enemy, so the battle plan changed with the Swedes.And the delay is not possible.It is noteworthy that in June the night before the battle, Peter I traveled troops and appealed to patriotic speeches to the soldiers.The story goes that a Swedish king did the same in respect of his troops.

June 27 (July 8), in 1709 there was a fracture of the Northern War, marked the victory of Russian troops in the battle of Poltava named.The battle began in the early morning, before dawn.Charles XII decided not to wait, and commanded his cavalry to attack.However, Russian soldiers soon coped with the Swedish cavalry.The attack went infantry.

It is said that the battle of Poltava lasted more than one hour.By the way Russian troops appeared a few thousand more than the Swedes.But this was not the deciding factor.The Swedes and the Russian fought on horseback, and hand to hand.The dedication of the soldiers led Russia to victory in this battle.The Swedish army was completely bloodless.The Swedish king with Russian traitor Mazepa fled Bender.