To pass the State Duma political parties had to overcome the 7 percent barrier, but some innovations allow parties nedotyanuvshim little before the turn, still hold their representatives to the Duma.So, the party with the 5 to 6 per cent, could get a seat in the State Duma, and the party that wins by 6 to 7 percent - two seats.However, no party took advantage of these innovations - that confidence passed in the Duma, it was not necessary, and the rest of the party fell short of the 5 percent abroad.In the elections of the State Duma of the VI convocation was attended by the following parties (in order on the ballot), "Fair Russia", "the Liberal Democratic Party", "Patriots of Russia", "Communist Party", "Apple", "United Russia", "just cause".Thus, we participated in the elections seven parties. results elections , as a percentage, as follows: United Russia - 49,32.KPRF - 19,19.Spravedlivaya Russia - 13,24.LDPR - 11,67.Yabloko - 3,43.Patrioty Russia - 0, 97.Pravoe thing - 0,60.Yavka turnout was 60.2% of the number registered.At the end of the election , seats in the Duma was as follows: United Russia - 238.KPRF - 92.Spravedlivaya Russia - 64.LDPR - 56.Po opinion of many experts, the election campaign was not entirely honest, noted numerous attempts of the ruling party "United Russia "to influence the outcome of the vote.After the announcement of preliminary results of elections in Moscow and other cities have been protests, the protesters stated rigging elections .Statements of observers were quite traditional - Observers from the CIS and SCO countries agreed on the fact that the elections were completely honest and legitimate.At the same time, observers from the OSCE and PACE said that during the voting were observed mass violations and ballot stuffing, so the quality of the vote was severely damaged.