inauguration procedure lasts about an hour and is held in the state rooms of the Grand Kremlin Palace.In a solemn ceremony the president-elect is in the Kremlin, where he gives a presidential oath.For the ceremony, you must have symbols defined by presidential decree.This sign of the president, his Standart and designed specifically for a copy of the oath of the Constitution.

Chairman of the Constitutional Court presents the president signs the government and announces the inaugural.Under the sounds of hymn raised the standard of the head of state.After that, the president delivers a mandatory brief speech to the citizens of the country.Sounds of "Glory" by Glinka,
from the Kremlin embankment salute of thirty volleys.In conclusion, the head of state takes the parade of the Presidential Regiment.

Ingredients guests invited to the event is defined by the Protocol of the President.The average number of visitors about three thousand people.Necessarily the presence of members of government, members of the Duma and the Federation Council, the Constitutional Court judges.His participation at the event, they strengthen the position of head of state.

as representatives of the president has consistently featured the heads of administrations, representatives of electoral staff, trustees, there is the president's wife.

Other presidential candidates participating in the elections, are also included in the guest list.Leaving from this presidency is present at the event, it is considered as acting to take the oath the new head of state.

clergy, heads of diplomatic missions, public figures, scientists, representatives of art are going to witness the oath of the president-elect and his ceremonial inauguration.