History of

In order to understand that the modern state is now necessary first of all to remember how this things were before.Now the world is about 200 legally enshrined and recognized by the United Nations international sovereign states.But in the late 19th century, they were not, and there were only a land with an overseas territory and belonging to a particular state.Many of the land did not belong to anybody, vacant or were inhabited by nomads.

existing at the time the state became the foundation and prerequisite for the emergence of the current, modern sovereign states.However, under current conditions, there are also areas that are now unoccupied or only partially populated.There are even areas in which the indigenous population is completely isolated from civiliza
tion and all social institutions.

sovereign state is now

Despite the fact that the hallmark of a sovereign state are its isolation and autonomy, this does not mean that it does not take into account in its activities the interests of other states and is not cooperating with them both in political andin the market, as well as social issues.The basis of cooperation between all sovereign states based on the principle of international law that establishes some common to all the principles, rules and laws.

At the same time, no one has the right to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign state without its permission.To the modern state was considered a sovereign, it must be recognized as such, and this recognition is not always recognized the desire to establish diplomatic relations with it.Despite the fact that the majority of sovereign states in modern conditions are established and de jure and de facto, some representatives have sovereignty in their country only on paper, that is, de jure, they are sovereign, but in fact do not possess the control of its territory.

As a vivid example of such stories can lead the Order of Malta.At the same time, there can be a reverse situation, when the territory of the State belongs to, and the international context, it by no other state does not support.The main goal of all sovereign states now put legal representation of its citizens, control over the observance of their rights and freedoms.The sovereign state power belongs to the rule, which the people trust and all matters related to property rights.