Since no official statements about the rapid release of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and was not followed, versions of the answers to the questions of what and why a prisoner was released on personal Russian President, there are many.Among them there are a few basic options, voiced by those who are familiar with both key figures in this dramatic story.

prevail two main areas: humanitarian, and mercantile.

Humanities version

They heard from a variety of people, on the one hand, do not tend to trust the sudden good impulses of the powerful, on the other hand - do not speak any other factual material prone to correlat
e events occurred only with the personal beginning of Mr. Putin.

humanities authors suggest that the mysterious release five months before the end of the second sentence and the world community Mr Khodorkovsky himself obliged nice gesture the president of Russia, has decided: a) to pardon the prisoner in connection with the serious illness of his mother;b) not to allow a prisoner's number one triumph to go free, and to capitalize on this PR dividends, but on the contrary, personally giving an indication of the release, the president has improved its own far nebezoblachny image on the eve of the Olympic Games in Sochi;c) German diplomats was held brilliant special-operation on rescuing the most famous prisoner of conscience;d) version voiced by the ex-prisoner, he was released for the edification presumptuous representatives of power structures. Khodorkovsky: "... first of all he wanted to send a signal to their surroundings - stop ohrenevayu.Apparently, the other way than this strong enough, he was there to restore order without resorting to planting can not. "

Mercantile version

These versions were made largely by political scientists, businessmen and pro-opposition economic analyst.

bottom line is this: the former head of Yukos - one of the largest Russian oil companies, was released not for that, but because.Because concluded with the head of Russia deal of the century: it removes from Russia, part of the economic collapse, the threat emanating from the Court of Arbitration in The Hague, which is the claim appeal Yukos shareholders in the Russian Federation $ 100 billion, and in exchange for this freedom comes notonly himself, but also those who remained hostage to the system: former employees of Yukos, one of which, namely Alexei Pichugin was sentenced to life imprisonment. European Court of Human Rights ruled that Pichugin was deprived of the right to a fair trial.However, the Presidium of the Russian Supreme Court, contrary to Russian law, refused to cancel the verdict defective.

less spectacular but no less mercantile version connects the release of Mikhail Khodorkovsky's real emerging threat of freezing both in Europe and in the United States, personal financial assets of the persons of the first round of the country, due to the existence of the closed list compiled byMagnitsky Act. PACE Assembly should encourage Member States to follow the Council of Europe, as a last resort, the US example in the adoption of targeted sanctions against individuals (the visa ban and the freezing of accounts).

In any case, the mystery of the conditions of release of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the answers to the questions - what freed Mikhail Khodorkovsky, or why he was released and why so hastily, effectively and boldly will open a very long time.

With the release of Mikhail Khodorkovsky begins political mysteries of the twenty-first century.