People Reformer

The period of NSKhrushchev can be called a turning point for the country.USSR became leaders of space achievements, the construction of housing for ordinary citizens, too, has increased markedly - people began to move out of the barracks in the so-called "Khrushchev".There is less censorship.Having been in the United States, Khrushchev became obsessed with the cultivation of corn, her cult became widespread.

Lost in Translation

Nikita Sergeyevich was a tough man, a lot of times he put interpreters stumped by his statements.When, for example, he told Richard Nixon: "We'll show you gruel," the interpreter translated the phrase literally and Americans think abou
t a new secret weapon Russian.

shoe as a clear threat

But the most notorious case, about which still do not cease talking - the behavior of Khrushchev at the fifteenth UN General Assembly, held on 12 October 1960.There is a myth that during the meeting of the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, took off his shoe and began banging it on the podium, thus expressing their protest.On that day I discussed the Hungarian counter-revolutionary rebellion and its suppression by Soviet troops.Khrushchev, the topic was very unpleasant - as a furious man, he did not stay in one place.The event was required to meet certain decorum, but the emotion was beaten over the edge.

According to Anastas Mikoyan and Khrushchev's personal interpreter, near Nikita Sergeyevich, it was like this: he allegedly took no shoes and lightweight shoes, and became its purpose for a long time considered, showing Rapporteur their complete indifference to his performance.Then he raised his eye level, as if trying there is something to see, shook it knocked several times, as if trying to dislodge the stone that supposedly got there.

At the same meeting, discussing the colonial slavery, Khrushchev literally seethed with indignation.His habit of swinging his fists betrayed a strong nervous excitement.Speaker of the Philippines has been described them as a "henchman and lackey of American imperialism."

There is a version of Khrushchev's son, who argues that the flying feet with shoes Nikita Khrushchev gave him a guard.Secretary General, taking his hand and not shoes, became an afterthought to tap it on the table."Photography with shoe in hand - not that other, as a photomontage" - said the son, Sergei.

Can the Khrushchev was of such an act?

So how could Khrushchev banging shoe on the table as a sign of protest?Definitely can not answer.Man emotional, quick-tempered and at the same time, a fairly simple to communicate, would hardly have started thinking about etiquette.In moments of emotional speeches they fully seized with the idea of ​​justice and the steadfastness of the Soviet course.Most of Khrushchev's speech, especially in contrast to the speakers from overseas, were filled with emotions.I sincerely believe in the bright future of the Soviet system, in hot battles he proved the correctness of the USSR.

Plenum, held in October 1964 without Khrushchev, decided to release him from his post for health reasons.In fact, there was a coup - in place Khrushchev was elected LIBrezhnev began the era of "stagnation."