Pakistan Federal Secretary for Climate Change Dzhavaid Malik cited as proof of his words a series of disasters, natural disasters which have occurred in the country over the last few years.He also mentioned several aircraft accidents, the circumstances of which are considered mysterious.

Malik argues, inter alia, that the causes of the accident on one of the glaciers that killed the Pakistani military, do not blame natural disasters, and directed laser beams.The source of exposure was allegedly one of the US military satellites.Avalanches and snowstorm, according to Malik, have no relation to the incident, the culprit - proactive NASA.

their accusations D. Malik are based on informatio
n that since the early 90-ies of the last century, American scientists are active in the field of ionospheric phenomena.Apparently, meaning mysterious project HAARP, whose main facilities are located in Alaska.The results of research in this area carefully classified and world public opinion are not available.This allowed Dzhavaidu Malik argued that the main motive of aggression by the United States with the use of climate weapons is to fight for resources and influence over the sovereign territory of Pakistan.

Network periodical "Monavista" quoting Malik, does not comment on the accuracy of the facts explained to them.But Professor Vladimir Lapshin, Director of the Institute of Applied Geophysics of Roshydromet, wary of such versions.Published in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" interview, he says that the rumors about the possible use of climate weapons against any State contrary to the usual logic.The majority of abnormal natural phenomena, in particular, extremely high temperatures are observed periodically in many countries, including the United States.

root causes of statements like the one made J. Malik, lie in the tangle of contradictions in the relationship developing between the US and Pakistan.In an effort to win over the international community Pakistan obviously considers it possible to use and allegations of climate weapons, although such military threats and appears to an outside observer unlikely and rather exotic.