The resignation from the post of head of the Moscow Committee has been approved and is expected to retire, Alexander Kuzmin, immediately after returning from a planned holiday, which runs from 16 July to 14 August 2012.

rumors that Kuzmin leave the post of chief architect of the Russian capital appeared long ago.After the election of the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin experts and the media have repeatedly predicted the resignation of Kuzmin.Just saying that it may take place, former chairman of the company "Avtodor" and the current deputy Alexander Kuzmin - Sergei Kostin.Such forecasts, first of all, have been linked to the fact that the head of the Moscow Committee is the last high-ranking officials from the team of the former mayor, Yuri Luzhkov.

at the head of the Moscow Committee, Alexander Kuzmin worke
d for 16 years, since 1996.Prior to that, 5 years Kuzmin worked in the same office, but as deputy head.

Over the years, the Moscow Committee of Architecture Kuzmin had a tremendous influence on the formation of the architectural image of the Russian capital.Its decisions have repeatedly been criticized by the public and become the subject of heated debate.So the approach to city development is often not approved because of excessive density of the objects and a large number of commercial and office buildings in the heart of Moscow, which caused endless traffic jams.Alexander Kuzmin, also participated in the creation of the General Plan of Moscow Development up to 2025, which also has repeatedly been criticized.

Kuzmin himself admits that in his work and development of the capital have been mistakes.Among these unfortunate decisions he relates the transformation of the Arbat Square, the British Embassy and the Central Bank building on Pyatnitskaya Street.