In the United States since the adoption of the constitution of the system of indirect election.The final decision takes the Electoral College, which consists of 538 people.The number of representatives from each state is different, it depends on how the subject is represented in the Senate and Congress.

In 2012, the Americans had to vote for one of the two candidates.Biographies of both - very different, but typical of American history.The first - came from the upper class, the bishop of the Mormon Church and successful businessman Mitt Romney, to express themselves in politics as governor of Massachusetts, and has put forward his candidacy for the US presidency in 2008.Second - who grew up without parents and made himself the first

black president of America.Despite the collapse of many of his plans and the numerous difficulties faced Obama four years of his presidency, he again relies on the support of citizens of their country.

presidential race this year was very hard, the candidates were practically level, alternately giving the palm to one another.Each of the rounds of electoral debates gave new results.

In the first dispute over domestic policy Romney looked appealing his opponent and won a tacit victory.The acting President acknowledged his remarks unsuccessful.In the second round, Obama took revenge.He took a more aggressive stance, which has been preserved and further performances, and the results of the third round won a slight advantage.The government's actions during Hurricane "Sandy", which is the vast majority of Americans overall rating of "good" and "excellent", also added to the treasury of the candidate votes.

last pre-election days, Obama and Romney went with performances by county, attended rallies in the undecided by the time the states, such as Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and others, and November 6, the candidates came to the final with almost equal chances to win.According to RealClearPolitics, Obama is ahead of Romney by only 0.7%.

Lack favorite race to the sign of the day fueled the passions.Experts do not exclude the possibility of "a draw."Then it would have to conduct a recount, and elections could stretch until mid-December.But this did not happen - Barack Obama has won the cherished in the morning 270 votes and won a landslide victory in the US presidential election 2012.

the next four fight against all disasters that strike at the country, internal and external policy of the United States once again come under itsmanagement.