bicameral parliament is a structure of the parliament, in which the representative body is composed of two chambers.There are other names that term - Bikamerizm, bicameralism, bicameral system.In addition, in different countries there are different names for each chamber.
In the world today there are more than 70 countries with a bicameral parliamentary system.Among them are both unitary state and federation as the republic and the monarchy.As a rule, it is the state with the positive economic and social indicators.This includes countries such as USA, Germany, Australia, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, UK, Spain, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands and many others.In addition, the parliament of the Russian Federation also is bicameral.It is called the Federal Assembly consists of the
State Duma and the Federation Council.
Houses of Parliament are not equal in composition, terms of reference and the order form.There is a division between the lower and upper chambers.Often laws are reviewed and accepted by representatives of the lower house, and then come to the approval of the upper house.In turn, its representatives may either accept or reject the law without making any amendments to it.
The main function of the upper house of parliament - stabilizing.It minimizes conflicts between the branches of power in the state, does not allow the adoption of questionable and contradictory laws that are not supported by financial and human.Thanks to this president practically does not use its right to veto the bill.Part of the upper chamber of the Constitutional Court delivers many tasks as thoroughly analyzes every legislative norm, coming out of the walls of the lower house of parliament.Therefore, people more trust in government.In addition, the two-chamber system allows for proportional representation of the population of each region of the country.
upper house often formed less democratically than the bottom: the age limit for members of a higher, members can choose not all residents of the country, and regional authorities.In addition, the upper chamber can not be an elected body.Thus, the two-chamber system provides more conservatism in decisions of national importance, a lower probability of abrupt changes.