against Russia joining the World Trade Organization protested by many experts: economists, financiers, deputies, farmers, representatives of the majority of industries.However, their arguments were not heard by the Russian government.Now, citizens will see in practice, the rules were the representatives of the expert community or wrong when drawing attention to the negative consequences of Russia's membership in the WTO.

So, what is the range of problems may lie heavy burden on the shoulders of the Russians after the recent steps the government?Analysts at the Centre "WTO-Inform" and the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements estimated that after 8 years, the Russian economy due to the WTO accession
will lose about 26 billion rubles.This figure includes not only direct loss, but also missed opportunities for growth.Begin to raise domestic prices of energy resources, including gas.

By pessimistic forecasts of researchers by 2020, about 4.4 million Russians will become unemployed.This is especially true of those who work in the field of aviation and automobile industry, textile, footwear and leather, sugar, electronics and others. These industries will not be able to withstand competition.

According to the signed agreements, Russia will reduce import duties on foreign goods.The result of this step will be that the goods would be unprofitable to produce in Russia.Most of all it will affect agriculture.Hurt grain producers, pork, milk and poultry.After all, foreign farmers is much better equipped than the Russian farmers.And subsidies from their states receive much more and on more favorable terms.

Ultimately, all this will have an impact on consumers: domestic agriculture will come to a final decline, the country will be imported substandard imported food, including meat and peremorozhennoe dangerous genetically modified vegetables.The fact that the agreements at the WTO Russia no longer be able to impose a ban on the import and even to label foods with GMOs.All this can lead to increased morbidity and increased mortality among Russians.

Expert community fears that Russia would lose its economic sovereignty.Transnational corporations can receive Russian raw materials at low prices, and modern technology, which is hoping to obtain our country, will not be available.