31 August 1997 at 4 o'clock in the morning in a Paris hospital Salpetriere ended the life of Princess Diana.The tragedy occurred in one of the tunnels of Paris: just a terrible accident claimed the life of driver Henri Paul, a close friend of the princess and Dodi Al Fayed crippled their personal bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones.The very same Diana died almost 4 hours later.A year before the tragic events broke her marriage with Prince Charles, which lasted 15 years.Despite the fact that the divorce was triggered by Queen Elizabeth II, there are rumors that the queen still has not forgiven the late Princess of the "betrayal" of the royal family.

still not known for certain what caused the accident.Version put forward
a lot in 1997, and after more than a decade since the death of Lady Di their number has passed all bounds.The official version says a banal accident, from which no one is immune, but some evidence, evidence and inconsistencies speaks in favor of the fact that it was a planned murder.

first and most important piece of evidence - fragments of a small car, the police found at the scene.There were witnesses who claimed to have seen rapidly leaving with the place of accident Fiat Uno white.He allegedly belonged to a well-known reporter who soon died under mysterious circumstances.However, the experts identify the fragments did not succeed.

Even then, in the very first hours after the accident, one detail has caused a number of questions from the police.In the tunnel it was installed surveillance cameras that can capture the moment of a car accident, and to establish the true reasons for it.But as soon as the video has been requested from the staff of the tunnel, it turned out that it was on this night, in this tunnel surveillance cameras were not working.

autopsy of the deceased driver has caused new problems.His blood and tissue was found a large amount of carbon dioxide, as if for a few seconds before his death he had asthma.Supporters of the conspiracy version suggest that in the car, which drove Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, was sprayed some gas, due to which the driver lost control for a while.Much later, the media reported that his blood alcohol was detected, and its accounts fabulous sum.

very puzzling death of the princess.Bodyguard of her friend with a serious injury was urgently hospitalized at the time of the death of Lady Di, he underwent surgery and his life was in danger.Herself Diana doctors in no hurry to take him to the hospital, she received medical care in the ambulance a few meters from the mangled vehicle.After the death of her body against the rules embalmed in Paris in a hurry, although London only an hour flight.The father of the deceased Dodi al Fayed's claims that this was done to conceal the two facts: the gas inside the car and the late Princess pregnancy becauseAfter embalming second autopsy impossible.

The official version is the fact that the accident was pure coincidence, a ridiculous coincidence.It is assumed that the driver lost control due to interfere with paparazzi on motorbikes.They were later acquitted in court.Dodi Al Fayed's father is confident that in the death of the princess and his son involved in the Duke of Edinburgh, the husband of the Queen of England, who "ordered" the princess by the British secret services.