apparent reason

real cause of the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, many called the Libyan oil fields and the multi-billion dollar bank accounts in the West.However, the destruction of the civilian Libyan people and the protracted war for the sake of those arrested bills seems a little unreasonable - in fact assign money West elementary dictator could by decision of any court or UN resolutions.Oil is also a controversial goal - NATO might well quickly quell the offensive Gaddafi to put an army to protect the fields, divided Libya into several parts and put them in his government.

Libya did not have a large and well-equipped army, but it was opposed by six months the power of NATO troops, which is already causing some problems.

After monopolizing the oil fields and assigning the money Gaddafi would remain with nothing, and that NATO would keep a large number of his soldiers, and save a lot of dollars.However, all of these steps are strongly rejected, and seek to destroy Muammar septuagenarian with such fanaticism that he is the only incarnation of evil in the world.This is despite the fact that earlier American president and European leaders warmly shook hands with him at official receptions.

Hidden reasons

The main objective of the war against Libya, it was the death of Gaddafi.In fact, he signed his own death sentence by their actions - but not those of any NATO has repeatedly stated.Libyan dictator tried to establish irrigation arid areas by conducting water from an underground freshwater sea.I wanted to replace the US dollar pan-African currency, provided strong reserves.Demanded one-third of the Libyan oil produced by foreigners on its soil.

In fact, Muammar Gaddafi wanted his country to get a fair share of the production of their own resources.

mistake Gaddafi was his confidence in the assurances of Western politicians, who convinced him to disarm, surrender their weapons of mass destruction and to abandon the purchase of modern weapons systems.Summing up the water in the future would make from the Libyan desert rich farming area, which would have deprived the enormous profits of multinational suppliers of products.The Pan-African currency would deprive similar profits US banks and shaken to control the world's financial processes.The increase in the share of Libya's oil production would leave billions of dollars in the country, leaving the giant oil corporations without tasty morsel.It Muammar Gaddafi could not afford, so the only way for the United States and Europe was his final destruction.