Why killed Kennedy?The answer to the question may be simple - he became president a little earlier than it was ready the whole system of power and government, but not a country.Countries elected president Kennedy, needed in that the president and this is the time.They are surprisingly coincided - the time, the country and its youngest president at the time.They felt each other wonderfully.
guys who fought in Vietnam, the youth movement, the human rights movement, the movement for the rights of minorities - the country was in turmoil, anti-aging, it required changes that could not give her ossified poli
cy and ossified system.The country also demanded reforms from the state.
It transforms and engaged John Kennedy: the reform of public administration.And he was too netolleranten with those who are many decades, pulling the strings the whole American system, aggressively attacking the painful blisters of various clans.
Here are eight reasons - and each of them can be extremely powerful for murder.
The first reason - the reform of the US Federal Reserve (or the Central Bank of the United States) are not public, and private education, a joint stock company.Kennedy signed a decree, which gave broad powers to the State Treasury, thereby destroying decades of alignment diagram usurped private printing press, what, in fact, is the US central bank.
Kennedy returned the right to print money to the state.How much of the money order of the President lost the owners and shareholders of the Central Bank?Try to imagine?It will not even billions of dividends, and much, much more.June 4, 1963 Kennedy signed the order, and on November 22 1963, he was shot.After his death, the order was canceled.
second reason - the war with the Mafia.It is believed that the godfathers of the mafia helped Kennedy to become president, and he and his brother Robert have announced they hunt.And she was quite successful.
Another contender for the role of the killer - the CIA.It reduces funding for their agencies.The top of the control did not like the fact that John F. Kennedy was determined to end the war in Vietnam, and even ostensibly reconciled with Cuba and the Soviet Union.
CIA also had no interest in the disclosure of information about aliens.There is a theory that the Democratic president was going to share with the world about US contacts with the people of other civilizations.In this version to believe even more than in the previous one.After all, at this time the CIA, as any such organization - the KGB, or others like them - partly began to move to self-financing.The CIA, for example, engaged in coca in Colombia.And not only there.
The death of the 35th President of the United States was concerned, and his successor, who was then vice president.It is no secret that Kennedy hated Lyndon Johnson and was about to remove him.
following in the list of persons concerned - Cubans and Fidel Castro personally, as well as Vietnamese, whose coup with the help of the CIA, but on the personal orders of John F. Kennedy.
And the last reason - the most innocent, and so it is likely: it was a tragic accident.No, Kennedy the day really attempted Lee Harvey Oswald, and yes - he hired someone.But was the deadly bullet fired by George Hickey - Secret Service agent guarding the president.He rode in the next car, and when he heard the first shot, he tried to return fire.Tragically bullet them hit Kennedy in the neck.
What exactly was the decisive reason?Who will win the race ahead of removing Kennedy out of the way?Mafia?The CIA?The US Federal Reserve?Apparently, the answer to this question will remain one of the greatest mysteries of the twentieth century.Or maybe, and the twenty-first.