Summit was held in an informal atmosphere for dinner, during which the EU representatives have discussed the most urgent problems, including - the upcoming elections in Greece.The fact that, according to preliminary vote in Athens, the city's population to actively support those parties that are opposed to the conditions presented by the EU in Greece.

According to information published on the website of TV channel "PIK", EU representatives have expressed the wish that Greece remains in the eurozone, but took note of the previous agreements.The final decision on the matter should be taken at the next formal EU summit, to be held in late June.At the meeting should be attended by the new Prime Minister of Greece.

As the official site of RBC, May summit in Brussels was also devoted to the issue of investments an
d intentions of the participants of the meeting to increase the capital of the European Investment Bank.In addition, the meeting discussed issues of implementing the so-called "project bonds", which intends to let the European Union with a view to the successful implementation of infrastructure projects.The last summit of the participants did not lead to a common agreement, as Germany still flatly refused the offer.However, according to experts, the pressure on the part of most members of the eurozone to German Chancellor Angela Merkel will grow.

the first time at the May summit was attended by the current president of France, Francois Hollande.On the eve of the elections, he actively expressed their views on spending cuts in order to stimulate economic growth in their country.At the summit, Hollande has proposed to support countries in need of financing, via the European Stability Mechanism ESM.