Government of Greece proposed an austerity six-day work week to cut the minimum wage, to increase the flexibility of work schedules, reduce periods of weekends and vacation days.

However, Athens looking for other options for growth in their welfare.Since Germany has provided the biggest loan in Greece from all EU countries, and focused on her research data.Thus, the Ministry of Finance of Greece has decided to demand compensation from the Germans for the Nazi occupation of the country during World War II.

Greeks count the amount you are going to demand.It is planned to study the archives.It called the approximate amount of 7.5 billion euros.

The question of reparations is not paid by Germany, rose in the spring of 2010.Then
Deputy Prime Minister of Greece has accused the Germans that in times of war they had taken out the gold reserves of the country that triggered the collapse of its economy.Germany accused and two billion loan granted to Greece, then forcibly.

Germany, in turn, said that according to the contract of 1960, Greece has been paid 74 million dollars.In addition, prisoners of concentration camps received their compensation.

issue debt in Germany is increasingly raised by Greece in recent years.However, the Government states that it has nothing to do with the difficult economic situation and calls on the EU collectively to continue to fight the economic crisis.

spring of 2012, Greece once again going to reduce the national debt by reclamation of reparations from the Germans, but German Foreign Minister refused to meet the requirements.Currently, the government does not consider the requirements of the Greek-founded.

The vast majority of Germans do not believe that the Greeks will be able to recover their debts, more than half the population was in favor of the exclusion of Greece from the Eurozone.