In March, the head of the Spanish government submitted to parliament a new draft state budget for 2012, which provides for a sharp reduction in government spending.These measures should significantly worsen the situation of a large number of Spaniards, especially considering that the country is already almost 23% of the unemployed - the highest rate in Europe.Government plans to provoke action by trade unions - in the country was held a general strike.But the most persistent strikers, are known to the miners, so they protest has been going on for months.

The draft budget the cost of the mining sector to be reduced by 63%.According to the trade unions, this will increase not only the level of unemploym
ent in the sector, but also the cost of coal, which will make Spain a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace.The country now has four dozen mines, and trade unions estimate the government's measures will entail the loss of work for the forty thousand miners.

miners' strike mainly covered the north of the country where occasional clashes of protesters with the police.Solidarity in recent months expressed their unions in other industries, and the country held rallies support.In late May this manifestation gathered in the capital almost a hundred thousand people.Over time indefinite miners' strike is beginning to acquire the features of a civil war - the miners blocked roads using burning tires and clashed with police using homemade rockets.

June 22 miners began to "black march" to different places from the north to pass two columns 400 kilometers from Madrid.By July 11 they reached the goal and staged a mass rally in the Puerta del Sol, and then the building of the Ministry of Industry, where there were no new clashes with police.