Regardless of the topic and the audience we must obey two laws - to be interesting and understandable.To do this, think about it and rehearse.That is, no matter what your speech was devoted, diction must be clear.Any vaguely spoken words fall out of the speech, and the audience will stop listening to you.

to it was interesting, it should make it correctly

first words to the audience, or draw attention to the speaker, or give to understand that one should not take the time to listen to him.Therefore, the beginning of the speech should be bright and attractive.Where appropriate, use the aphorisms and anecdotes.But in any speech, it is the place to be a question for the audience.As a rule, the public will then wait for a response from you in your speech.

main part of the speech - this is exactly what you need to tell the audience.Whatever it was, remember that you can not stretch it.It should state clearly and concisely all.Even lyrical digressions that help relieve the tension a bit, should be short and not too divert the audience from the subject.In order to make it in this part correctly, you should first explain everything you want to say on paper.Then re-read, preferably out loud, to assess how clear it all sounds, not too tight some moments.

Remember that it will be brighter, if you handle the facts.Words not confirmed anything, little remembered.Of course, if you have the opportunity to show the illustrations, slides, graphs and drawings, they will be an additional emphasis to attract the attention of the audience.

Rereading his speech, it is important to pay attention to how logical narrator.Is not there anywhere further questions?If so, be sure to answer them in the speech.

After the speech should be as bright as the beginning.This point should be clear.It is also appropriate to use aphorisms, quotes and other elements that sum up your speech.Be sure to think over this possibility in advance, because improvisation is not always successful.

main thing - to prepare it in advance, to have had the opportunity to read it and evaluate a new way.In addition, clearly knowing how or what you will say, you feel confident, that is so necessary in the public statement.