Background coup

By 1917, the country was a difficult situation.After the coup, organized by Kornilov, the February Revolution and the April crisis, most people did not believe in anything.Existing authority is no longer satisfied.Yes, people simply did not believe it - tortured prolonged First World War bled the Russian Empire in all senses.The workers and soldiers were on strike, and the provisional government headed by Kerensky was powerless in solving problems.

November 3 (21 October) representatives gathered at a meeting of Bolsheviks assembled on the forthcoming revolution.Lenin led this meeting.It is supported by the Bolsheviks hoped to overthrow the Provisional Government and to seize power.Future leader could not determine the date of the coup.As a result, the choice fell on October 25t
h.Later, in the opinion of Trotsky, Lenin himself called the delay beginning coup fatal.It is believed that Lenin had delayed the start of the coup, in accordance with the opinion of Germany.After all, the German money and taking into account the interests of the German October revolution.In favor of this are the facts about the journey of Lenin through Germany in a sealed train.

By the way, do not underestimate the role of Trotsky in the preparation and conduct of the October Revolution.This policy is just an ideologue of the revolution of 1917 and the developer plan a coup.

Change the course of history

the morning of October 25 (November 7), under the control of the Provisional Government remained only the Winter Palace.Yes, and he was surrounded by Red Guards.On this day, at 10 am, the Bolsheviks issued a manifesto "To the Citizens of Russia", which said the transfer of power into the hands of the Military Revolutionary Committee.While Kerensky was in the car with the American flag was looking loyal to the government side, the evening of the same day the soldiers and sailors of the Baltic Fleet took the Winter Palace.The power of the Provisional Government ceased even nominally.Later Kerensky together with the remnants of the troops Krasnov marched on Petrograd, which had no effect.

in Moscow on the day of the October Revolution was not without fighting.The representatives of the Bolshevik government organized a military revolutionary committee.Because of the resistance SRs established by the Committee of Public Safety, the Bolsheviks could not seize power in Moscow for several days.The fighting continued until 3 (16) November, killing several hundred people.

later will the Constituent Assembly, the persecution of the Cadets and the many other events that so much vzbudorazhat and divided the country into two camps.The world and national historiography is no single view of events in October 1917.