use the search engine of the Internet.In the search box, type the name of the candidate and the word "program", for example, "Prokhorov program."In the resulting list, click here.Did you find the information you need is not on the first try.
Visit the sites created specifically to support candidates in presidential election campaign in 2012.These resources have a candidate Mikhail Prokhorov, Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zhirinovsky.At all three sites in the top menu is a button "Program", click on the link and read the information.Each program consists of several sections.To go to the next part, press the corresponding button.
To read the election program of the candidate of the Communist Party Gennady Z
yuganov, visit the official website of the party.At the top left of the home page under the section "Search" get the title "The program of the candidate in the presidential GAZyuganov, "click here.The entire program is laid out on one page.
program presidential candidate Sergei Mironov presented on his personal website.Find it in the structure of the site is quite difficult, so use the link overall program presidential candidate Sergei Mironov similar to the program of the party "Fair Russia", it can easily be found on the top horizontal menu.
most convenient resource for finding the candidate program and comparing it with similar documents of other participants in the election - site "President 2012".On the home page find the "candidates".Choose a person you are, click "Read More" to the right of the photo.In the resulting page under the photo get the message "Program", click.