Party "For our country" has received a certificate of registration July 11, 2012.This information is available on the official website of the organization.Now the party is actively involved in the opening of regional offices.Creator Party began its current chairman Mikhail Lermontov.The presidium of the political council included Alexander Vladimirov, Mikhail Rybakov and Oleg Stolyarov.In total, the structure is about 50 000 people.

Manifesto "Law and Truth", taken as a basis for the party's program "For our country," consists of 63 pages.Mikhalkov The document states that "the euphoria of liberal democracy has ended" and the modern social order, consisting of corruption, arbitrariness of the authorities and trying to catch up with the West, does not
support the majority of Russian citizens.This manifesto was criticized by a number of experts.So Professor MGIMO Andrei Zubkov called the work of Mikhalkov's "banal application for legitimizing an authoritarian regime in the interests of the Soviet elite."

Members "For our country", on the contrary, fully share the views of Nikita Mikhalkov.According to them, during the revolution of 1917, our country lost its old spirit and the old great ideas that existed before the coup.And lost is to be restored.Among other well-known persons whose position is supported politstruktura, outstanding personality the uprising of the Bolsheviks in 1917 - the philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev, politician Peter jet priest Paul Florensky.

Once finished recording the new party of the regional offices, it will be able to participate in elections, but according to a member of the presidium of the political council of the party "For our country," Mikhail Rybakov, the organization in the near future are not going anywhere elected.Their main goal - the revival of Russia's traditional values.Nikita Mikhalkov himself in the party "For our homeland" is not a member, and, as they say in his press service, there is not going to come.