What is anarchism

Under anarchism in sociology and political science to understand the philosophy and ideology, which is based on a kind of sense of freedom.The ultimate goal of a true anarchist - the elimination of all types of coercion and exploitation in society.The representatives of this movement believe that the power of man over man must be replaced with the full cooperation of the destruction of the privileges of individuals and social groups.

Anarchists advocate a point of view that social institutions and social relations should be based on voluntary agreement, interest, mutual assistance of all the participants of social interaction.How to find the anarchists, any kind of
power, even the most democratic, should be eliminated.

Features contemporary anarchism

There are several types of anarchism, which does not exclude, but complement each other.Some varieties of this movement built on the extreme left-wing views and may be directed not only against the state but against the bourgeois system as a whole, including private property and the free market.This left-wing anarchists a few close to the communist ideology, though the similarity is only superficial.One difference from the anarchist communism consists in cultivating the ideology of individualism, not collectivism.

Opposing views are typical for the so-called "market" anarchists.They are partially supported by capitalist relations, but only in the part that relates to free from external control economy.Today, adherents of this view of anarchism in the minority, behind left-wing movement.

Being mostly supporters of individualism, anarchists do not have a clear answer to the question on the principles of building its traffic.Some people recognize the need for some organizations, other categorically oppose this, preferring to build activities on the principles of personal acquaintance of participants of the anarchist movement.

exist between different groups of anarchists also disagreement about the possibility of using violent methods.Someone opposed coercion in principle, adhering to the ideology of pacifism.But there are those who are convinced that organized violence - the only way to promote their views and to fight for the ideals of anarchism.Supporters of this approach is blind to the inconsistency of the proposed means of the very foundations of the ideology of the movement.