Totalitarianism almost always legitimate.He never starts in the country after free and democratic elections.The establishment of totalitarianism usually occurs after the coups, revolutions, coups, and the usurpation of power.
Under a totalitarian regime takes the alienation of the people from the country's authorities and government bodies.The population can not affect the state, resulting in power obtains an unlimited, no one controlled authority.This leads to total bureaucratization of all processes and the collapse of civil society.Power begins to set its own rules, not only in the political spheres of society, but also in art and literature.There forcible est
ablishment of morality and ethics, adopted by the State.
Totalitarianism often turns its citizens into state serfs, establishing their personal dependence on the state, forcing them to work for free for the benefit of the country.The dominant methods of control are violence, terror and coercion.
Under a totalitarian regime in the country forced a general atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust.Whistleblowing is encouraged.At the state level, a universal image of an external or internal enemy.The mass introduced the notion that the state is constantly threatened.Gradually, the totalitarian state begins to resemble a besieged camp, which in turn leads to the militarization of society and the economy.
in totalitarian states disappears completely legal system.Implementation of existing legislation is not a universal character, the power begins to use the laws as it pleases.
All power under a totalitarian regime concentrated in the hands of the ruling elite and their entourage.Completely missing the principle of separation of powers.People do not have the right to take part in the life of the country, all the activities of the state apparatus is surrounded with an aura of mystery.
in a totalitarian state dominated by one political party, which practically covers all aspects of life in the country.A characteristic feature of the totalitarian regime is to create a personality cult leader.The deification of the ruler becomes hypertrophied scale.
Under a totalitarian regime takes the politicization of all processes taking place in society.Ideology becomes permeated all spheres of life of the people.The principle of "divide and rule" implemented.Society artificially divided into "us" and "them."As a result, in a totalitarian state is permanently opposed to one social group to another.
in a totalitarian state is a complete disregard for individual rights and freedoms.Any dissent is suppressed cruelest way.The state itself is isolated from the outside world.
Economy totalitarian regime based on the rule of state ownership and acts in a planned system of farming.Widely used methods of violence by the state in relation to private entrepreneurs.